Frequently Asked Questions

What's the booking process like?

Get in contact! Whether it's through the contact form on my website, Facebook messages, instagram (be advised I'll ask you to send an email also if going through social media) and I will respond within 24 hours. We'll chat over email go over your vision for your wedding. When you decide to book, I'll send over an online file of your contract, along with the final rate, due dates of payments, and we sign, seal, and deliver! Once we become officially join you into the Family I open my lines of communication to phone calls, texts, FaceTime, or coffee dates!


When can we expect the pictures?

This is the part of the process that takes a while. I'm doing my best to balance my professional work life, with my social life, along with my photography life and want to deliver the best and most PERFECT pictures I can to you. So PLEASE PLEASE don't rush!

I know you're eager, to see how they came out but I'm doing my best! My typical turnaround time is between 6-8 weeks.

Be sure to check through my social media pages and your email for sneak-peeks throughout those weeks!


Thoughts on a second photographeR and cost?

I highly recommend a second photographer for weddings with 100+ guests. The benefit of a second photographer is the different perspectives and angles throughout the evening. It also helps ease the stress of a situation that calls for me to be in two places at once. For example: being able to capture both the bridesmaids and a groomsmen getting ready at the same time. Or the many different angles of a first look, the groom's reaction and the bride's reaction. More ample time to get pictures of your guests enjoying cocktail hour while you and I spend some time for your portraits. There are many reasons for a second photographer., but these are just a few. For weddings of 75 or less guests, I'd suggest just sticking to one photographer. The cost will vary for a second photographer since they would be contracted separately. Feel free to inquire if you have more questions!


Can we have the raw files?

Unfortunately no. By choosing Brad Nguyen Photography, my hope is that you're investing in my artistic style. I take a lot of pride in you enjoying my work and documentation style. However if you're looking for a photographer to hand over the RAW files, we probably would not a good match.


How do you describe your photography?

I describe my work as photojournalistic. In a sense that I'm just a fly on the wall capturing the day as it flows. My goal is to tell a story from the gallery mapping the entire event from start to finish. Each time you look through the gallery I want to transport you back to that time.

Kind of like you're using a Pensieve for all of my fellow Harry Potter fans.


Do you have flexible pricing?

I base my price off of what I believe my time and work is worth as well as managing and maintaining this business. I do work with you to adjust times and shooters and what's needed and what isn't. Please don't haggle. I want not only myself but also you and future potential clients to be proud of my work and I don't want to think that it's worth less than what you see. I completely understand if I'm over your budget, but please respect myself and the creative industry by not devaluing my work.


Do you travel?

ABSOLUTELY! I love traveling and experiencing new places. Being able to do what I love in these new places is a major plus! If you have any questions about having your wedding/engagement/any occasion shoot out of town, reach out for a custom quote! I'm always up for an adventure!


Did we just become best friends?