I’m a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native living in an Old Bay, Crab shucking, Natty Boh drinking, Maryland world.

I'm a recovering coffee addict, avid volleyball player, physical therapist assistant (PTA), travel enthusiast, attempting to find my way into the wedding industry. I've got an amazing, beautiful girlfriend and a crazy 4 year-old maltese-poodle mix puppy at home that keep me on my toes.

Pizza + Chipotle are an easy way to my heart. At the same time? Yeah I wouldn't hate it. Craft beers really aren't just for hipsters and you'll probably find me with a bottle of red wine while I'm editing.

I value strong friendships and relationships - and if you're looking for a photographer that'll be there every step of the way and may or may not choke up during your vows (yeah I'll admit that's happened on a few occasions) then I am your guy!

Adventure awaits

get to know

the photographer behind

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I picked up a camera and started Brad Nguyen Photography in the summer of 2013 in my small on-campus apartment at UMBC. I was getting ready to start the semester and realized that all my books for my senior year classes were MAD expensive. I needed some money to buy these books. So I picked up the camera and started to shoot some headshots, family shots and shadowed a few photography majors - and since then I've grown a lot since my days with the Canon Rebel T3i. 

You’ve probably seen me take pictures at local volleyball tournaments a time or two, and through those connections, I began my journey into the wedding industry just a few years ago. Ever since that first solo wedding, I've taken every wedding as a learning experience. To learn and adapt to all sorts of situations, communicate effectively, along with ways to become a better photographer each moment.

My favorite part of being a photographer is building strong relationships. I love having the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and even grow a stronger bond with people I've spent time playing volleyball with and against! The world is a small place and I am truly honored to be able to share in such an intimate and important moment as witness to true acts of love.

I also love the editing process.  Every time I look back as I edit the pictures - it takes me back to that day. Where we were, what was said, and the feeling and energy emitted by the couple I was shooting.

There’s so much more I could tell you about myself, but I want to learn more about you and what I can do to make your day as special as can be! So feel free to browse the albums and social media and reach out for any questions!

“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.”
— Elliott Erwitt